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Blues Traveler
December 30th, 1993
Roseland Ballroom
New York

Set 1
Love & Greed
Save His Soul
Who Do You Love
Letter From A Friend
Optimistic Thought
Conquer Me
Trust In Trust
Brother John
100 Years
Dropping Some NYC
Mulling It Over
Spinning Spiraling Machine
Shotgun Shell
The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
But Anyway

Mountain Cry

Listen to this show

   100 Years - Roger Fox on flute
   Mountain Cry - Warren Haynes on guitar
   Mulling It Over - Warren Haynes on guitar
   Spinning Spiraling Machine - Warren Haynes on guitar

Show lineup:
   Xanax 25
   Warren Haynes
   Blues Traveler

Show statistics:
   Set 1 contains 17 songs.
   The encore contains 1 song.
   The entire show contains 18 songs.

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