Ivan Lutwin Remembers Bobby Sheehan

I wanted to share some of my favorite Bob moments.
5/4/95: York College, PA My First show. Need I say more.

11/29/97: Phildelphia, Electric Factory: I am standing in front of Bobby all show and making faces back and forth. At the end of the show he tosses me what was to be my first harp, I dropped it, but Bob yells to the security guard "That goes to him" I was handed my first harp.

11/20/98: Thank you Gina. I thanked you in November and now more than ever, I thank you for getting me the opportunity to meet Bobby and the rest of the band backstage. I have the setlist and backstage pass signed, also, the harp he tossed me is signed by John. Along with all of that, I have pictures of that night and while space on my wall unit is scarce, I put the picture on me and Bob on my wallunit when i moved in. I still look at it and I smile. Finally, the funiest thing that night was Bob & Chan talking to some kids from Princeton High School and talking to them about 'Fast Times At Ridgemont High' and telling them what to tell a teacher. they were laughing hysterically, and even though I had not a clue, it was still funny as heck. That priceless evening is even more so now.

11/27/98 Roseland, NYC: Bob runs out in intermission and runs right over to me and Mike Hauptman and asks where are we going after the show. He made sure to tell us to go to Jack Dempsey's to see the MPB. At Jack Dempsey's I had a dream come true. Audrey, I told you thanks a million for that, I will forever be indebted.

11/28/98 I toss Bob a Yankees World Championship shirt and he looks at it and shows it off to John and then John dedicated Intro>The Way to the "World Champion NY Yankees" It was the ONLY time in my life I chanted Lets go Yankees. And that its on tape, I have a very special Bob moment I can relive whenever I want.

12/31/98: You guys all know the story of my Crazy Ivan stunt. Thank God I did it. I am thankful I went.

Finally, every other time I went to a BT show, put a BT CD in the stereo or played a concert recording I had a Bob moment. I was listening to BT. I was listening to Chan, Bren, John and Bob. Therefore, I had a smile on my face.

Bobby has been gone for just a short time, and I miss him so much already. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of his friends, his bandmates John, Brendan and Chan, and most importantly his family. God Bless You All.
Lord, Take Our Bassman Home.