Kerri Meade Remembers Bobby Sheehan

Like so many of you, I consider myself a lurker. I have been a part of this list for years, and yet, I've probably posted only a handful of times. This is different however. I have been sitting here at work reading and re-reading everyone's posts over the last few days, and I still cannot believe that Bob Sheehan is gone. I am numb. I have not gotten to a place where I can cry yet. I'm still in shock. I thought that maybe by sharing my Bob memory, I could start to get beyond this numbness I feel. I know this is going to get a bit long, so bear with me.

Four years ago two friends and I were sitting at Rodeo Bar here in NYC, drinking some beers celebrating the new apartment we had just moved into. Mid way through the evening, one of my friends turns around and sees Popper, Chan and Bob sitting right behin d us. Shortly after we notice them, Popper goes up on stage and plays a set with the band that was up there (apparently they were all friends and I can't for the life of me remember the name of the band). During the set Chan and Bob come over to the table we're sitting at and start talking to us. My roommates took to Chan and I spent the rest of the evening chatting and drinking with Bob. He was the most down to earth, unassuming guy. We talked about the band for a very short time. We mostly talked sports (whether the Patriots were going to make it to the SuperBowl) and about life in general. He showed me a lighter he had gotten on tour that had his name inscribed in it. He told me a story I can no longer remember about how the 'S' in Sheehan got messed up while it was being inscribed. He told me that the next time I went to a show I should yell "Bob-How's the 's'?" to him. (The next time i saw BT I did yell that to him and he came d own to the edge of the stage after the 1st set and gave me a harmonica).

Once Rodeo Bar closed that night, Chan and Bob took us to Nightingale Bar to show us one of the places it all began. Bob was the first person to attempt to teach me to play pool. After Nightingale we went and bought some beer and went back to my apartment and hung out until 7am. I will never forget riding shotgun in Bob's jeep listening to the Police or sitting on my fire escape talking until the sun came up. Although some of the details of that night have faded from my memory, the feelings will never go away. Bob was so kind and sweet. He didn't make me feel like a 'groupie'. He treated my like a friend. After that night, every time I went to a show, Bob would make a point to chat with me for a few minutes afterwards wh en I waited backstage. I saw him last summer at Jack Dempsey's here in NYC. It had been years since I'd seen him and yet he still took the time to talk with me and have a beer.

Blues Traveler has been a very large influence on my life and has changed my life in a way. The music has been there for me when I've been completely alone, and for that I am forever grateful. Bob---you are already sorely missed.

However, I take comfort in knowing that you're in a better place. Thanks for making a lonely girl feel very special one summer night four years ago. May your soul rest in peace.

Thanks for listening gang,