Matt Roppelt Remembers Bobby Sheehan

One of my fondest memories of Bob was the 11/27/98 Roseland, NYC show. During "Gloria" John and Bob were going back and forth with solos. Well Bob just looks out at us everytime he jams on the bass. He just has this smile on his face like come on John you gotta do better then that. Bob was just on fire. Then between sets of the show he comes down to were we are standing and tells us all to go to Jack Dempsey's down the street because the Michael Parrish Band will be there and he is coming. We just thought it was so awesome that he would take time out to do that.

Bobby was just the type of guy you would see and say hello to and he would stop and talk to you for a few seconds. Like at the Atlantic City show before it started he came outside the ballroom and I was standing there with a few friends and we were like hey Bobby what's up. He just stopped and said he guys how's it going. I never officially met him, but he seemed so very nice. When Bob had the groove going during a show I don't think there is anyone better then he was. Bob will always be the best. One last memory was at a Jono Manson show in DC. Bob broke the strings on his bass and had to borrow one from the opening band until his was fixed. Well he gave it back to the guy after he got his back and the guy just looked at it like man I can't get that kind of sound and jams he did out of it. I thought that was pretty funny. I will never forget Bobby. Everytime I hear Crash Burn and his solo comes around I will give my normal BOBBY yell out.

Matt Roppelt