Stephanie Walters Remembers Bobby Sheehan

My best memory of Bobby was backstage in Williamsport, PA last fall. I was standing with him trying to get a picture taken and we were posing, but he insisted the first one was bad so we had to try again even though there was a good deal of chaos around us. Amidst all the confusion of people trying to clean up and cameras flashing, Bobby saw a girl with Blues Traveler posters for the show and asked her nicely for two of them. The girl, a student at the school, snapped at him that she was on the staff for the show so the posters belonged to her and he couldn't have any. She was incredibly nasty with him and I and the other people standing around kept encouraging him to tell her who he was. I think in the back of my head I just wanted him to gloat for a second, but he was far nobler than I was and after trying yet again to anonymously request a poster, he finally mumbled something about being in the band because the rest of us were already saying it for him...He was so humble and so sweet in his attempts to get these posters and in all our prodding, he never acted stuck-up or rude. I wish I could be so noble. He did wind up with the posters in the end, and he seemed delighted to have successfully completed his little mission.

I am honored to have had the opportunity to know him, however brief my encounters with him were. He was a good, kind man and I am going to forever remember him as being someone who never seemed to allow another person's frown in his presence. There were nights when he seemed to be completely pissed off, but once he caught a fan glancing his way he would make sure to leave us smiling...It was selfless and touching and it meant the world to myself and so many others.

In the simplest of terms he was a good man. I can't say that about most people I meet in this world.

-Stephanie Walters