Blues Traveler Taping Policy


Audience taping is permitted at all Blues Traveler shows. For purposes of this policy, performances by individual band members of Blues Traveler will be treated as Blues Traveler shows. Guest performances by band members with other artists will be governed by that artist's policy. When Blues Traveler is performing at a festival or other event featuring multiple bands, that particular event's policy may override Blues Traveler's customary taping policy. All taping is limited to audio only (DAT, MiniDisc, and analog are all permitted) - no video is ever allowed - and with microphones only (no soundboard patches). Each taper is entitled to bring ONE audio recording rig and ONE microphone stand/set of microphones into the venue; additional equipment may not be permitted to enter if space does not allow. Taper tickets are not necessary to record, and recording is permitted from anywhere the venue will allow it. Anyone found taping in violation of the above policy may be removed from the venue and unauthorized recordings may be confiscated. The enjoyment of the audience in attendance at a concert always takes precedence over recording efforts. This means that at no time should tapers ever require other patrons to be quiet or otherwise interfere with their enjoyment of the show.

Any questions regarding this taping policy should be directed to tour manager Gina-Z.


Distribution of authorized Blues Traveler recordings (as above) is permitted, provided that all exchanges are equal; no money may change hands and no extra media shall be included as a condition of copying a recording. The only acceptable exception to this policy shall be the inclusion of a pre-stamped, self-addressed envelope as part of a "blanks and postage" agreement. No copyrighted material shall ever be distributed via trade, electronically or otherwise. Uploads of audience recordings to the Live Music Archive at are encouraged.

Blues Traveler is now offering their own live recordings for sale at shows. CDs of most show can be obtained by signing up at the merchandise table prior to the show; USB flash drives with a single, untracked mp3 will also be available shortly after the show as well to those who did not sign up beforehand. Since these recordings are not available anywhere else after the show is over, the band allows their distribution through trades or online file sharing, but NOT via

If Blues Traveler decides to officially release a recording of a show or set (via physical media such as CD, cassette or via digital download), this "official" version will take precedence over amateur recordings and soundboard recordings of said show or set should no longer be traded. Audience recordings may continue to circulate freely.

Thanks for taping and trading - enjoy the shows!