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November 6th, 2000
Gina sez...mp3 downloads available

Date: 6 Nov 2000 23:03:39 -0000
From: members@bluestraveler.com
Subject: gina sez

Hello Fellow Travelers

I wanted to let you know that the 2nd song "The Sun and The Storm" is available to download today 11/6/00. At bluestraveler.com click on the rocket.

We are going to launch a new song for the next 2 Mondays to come. This is a gift to all you Fellow Travelers from the band so please enjoy and feel free to pass along this info.

I have been at a few shows on the tour this fall and seeing many of you again with you smiles has been wonderful. Thanks to you all that have be able come out to support the guys.

The band is so excited about the tour and the record and we are all looking forward to the new year with the new CD and a big tour for those cities we missed this fall.

I hope to be sending out these messages to you all often and I hope you will continue to contact myself and the band as we are always listening and love the feedback.

Fellow Travelers thank you for your love and belief in this band through the last year.

"Everything's Gonna Be All Right"

See you at the shows...

Love Gina