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May 3rd, 2001
Etraveler - free "Girl Inside My Head" download & Bridge album and release party news

Welcome to Blues Traveler

Dear Fellow Travelers,


I just have a couple quick things to tell you all today. First, if you go to Amazon you can download "Girl Inside My Head" for free and you can order "Bridge" for $14.99 (vs. $18.97). It will be shipped out on release day, May 8th. Let people know! Also, there is a section for people to write a review and rate the album. Please take a moment to write something in there and put a good word in for the boys!! Get the buzz going!! I will send the first 3 people who write a review a copy of the album. Just send in a screen shot of the review.


Now for the really good news! I will be able to give out two tickets to the May 8th Release Party in NYC at the Supper Club!! The person who sends me the best screen shots or links to their E-Traveler work by the end of Wednesday gets to go to the show (+ 1 friend).

New E-Travelers:

If you are new to the E-Travelers, click here to read the first email which gives the details about the first E-Traveler Mission. It explains how and where to post info and how to send in screen shots of your work.

That's all for now. Please email me if you have any questions or to send in your work, the email address is: bluestraveleremail@yahoo.com.

Happy Trails,