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May 18th, 2001
Etraveler - upcoming appearances & eZine

Welcome to Blues Traveler

May 17, 2001



Dear Fellow Travelers,

First off, we just want to say thank you to everyone for making the release of "Bridge" so incredible. Tons of people bought our new record and we're hearing it on radio stations all over the country. Thanks so much for all the love and support.

Here's what's on tap for the next couple of weeks: Get fired up, call all your friends and neighbors, bust out the big screen and get ready for Blues Traveler TV!!

- "Girl Inside My Head" video coming soon!! (See it first on Blues Traveler.com: May 21st)

- BT Appearing on VH1's Behind the Music: May 27th (click HERE for time schedule)

- BT Appearing on Jay Leno: June 5th


Here's a new banner to replace the old one. Please distribute this like mad: The person who gets this posted in the most key places wins a full catalog of Blues Traveler CDs and an autographed band photo.


Check out John Popper's new look in this digital postcard, featuring, "Girl Inside My Head" Click HERE for the PC version. Click HERE for the MAC version. Just click on "send to a friend" at the end of the video and get it out there!!

AND, take a look at this new Blues Traveler E-Zine. It's got all kinds of BT info, including bios, tour dates and details, and the best part is you can listen to the entire "Bridge" album!! This'll tell people a thing or two about Blues Traveler and back it up with their music.

I've still got tickets to give away for the remaining shows and some autographed posters and flats which will look very nice in your homes. Keep the emails coming so you can win!! AND if you can't get the screen shots to work, you can just send me the url to where you posted info. Thanks!

Happy Trails,


If you are new to the E-Travelers, click here to read the first email which gives the details about the first E-Traveler Mission. It explains how and where to post info and how to send in screen shots of your work.