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May 31st, 2001
Etraveler - video coming out

Welcome to Blues Traveler

May 31, 2001



Hey Everyone,

How did you all like the HOB live webcast? It's always great to be able to catch a live show from work, eh? And did you see BT on VH1's Behind the Music? I cried. Let me know what you thought. In case you missed it, go to VH1.com for additional air dates.

BT Videography

Currently, there is a great promotion going on at GetMusic.com where you can watch the videos for "Girl Inside My Head", "Run-Around", "But Anyway" (Live From The Fall), "Conquer Me", "Hook", and "The Mountains Win Again." They're adding two new videos per week and there's a full photo gallery. All you have to do is register and you stand to win a complete Blues Traveler catalog of CDs and an autographed flat. Check it out.


Bridge is still holding steady on the charts, but I think we as E-Travelers and fans can give it a push! I bet there are all kinds of young bucks out there who haven't been enlightened with Blues Traveler's music yet. Let's start visiting some key related band's websites and fansites like Dave Matthews, Widespread Panic, String Cheese Incident, Oyster Head, The Black Crowes, etc. and let them know what they are missing! Send in links or screen shots to show where you've been schooling people and I'll give you an autographed BT poster.

Take care,
Brigitte, E-Travelers


If you are new to the E-Travelers, click here to read the first email which gives the details about the E-Travelers. It explains how and where to post info and how to send in screen shots of your work.