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July 27th, 2001
Etraveler - new dates, new single, Jambands.com feature

July 27, 2001


BT Updates

Hi Everyone,

After some time off, Blues Traveler has a lot brewing with new tour dates announced, which will take them into the fall. Be sure to check Blues Traveler.com and .net for tour dates.

There will also be a new single, "Back in the Day" that we can look forward to hearing on the radio in September. We're putting together a new eCard for E-Travelers to pass around to get people get amped up for more new Blues Traveler!! A new video for the song is expected too so be sure to stay tuned to the website to watch it first.

In the meantime, there's a feature on Blues Traveler on Jambands.com. It's an article about the rebirth of the band and interview with the Tad and Chan.

I also wanted to thank everyone who logged in for the chat on 7/10. There were thousands of questions submitted and thousands of fans listening in! Thanks to the E-Travelers for getting the word out!

Talk to you soon,


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