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October 1st, 2002
ArtistDirect Newsletter - audio downloads of Live: What You And I Have Been Through

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Multi-platinum recording artist Blues Traveler returns with their seventh album since forming in 1988. LIVE - WHAT YOU AND I HAVE BEEN THROUGH was recorded soon after 9/11. It showcases Blues Traveler getting their feet back as a live band with the addition of Ben Wilson on keyboards and Tad Kinchla on bass. The emotion of the times and the energy the guys were creating together each night was captured and compiled for this new live album.

This "best of the tour" compilation spans much of Blues Traveler's career with tracks like "Slow Change" from their debut album to songs from their last studio release, Bridge. The album's opening track is a special tribute to New York City as John Popper performs "The Star Spangled Banner" on the harmonica to the emotional hometown crowd.

Long considered one of the finest jam bands in the world, Blues Traveler delivers with this stunning live set.

Look for Blues Traveler Live in-stores 10/22. For the all the latest information, please visit www.bluestraveler.com

Free MP3 Downloads:
The Star Spangled Banner
Sadly A Fiction

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