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October 11th, 2005
Blues Traveler On Your Radio

From: Blues Traveler HeadQuarters
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 12:16:28 -0700
Subject: Blues Traveler On Your Radio

We hope you're enjoying a wonderful week. We wanted to share some great radio news about Blues Traveler. The band will be featured artists for the House of Blues Radio program over the coming weeks. This is a program available in over 180 markets including Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Aspen, San Diego, and more. You can find the full listing at http://www.hob.com/aboutHOB/businesses/radioHour/ This is the radio program hosted by Elwood Blues (you may know him as Dan Aykroyd). Here's the schedule:

  • Today (Oct. 11th), a track from '¡Bastardos!' (likely "Rubberneck") will be featured on the House of Blues Radio Hour Blues Break which many of the stations carry. To hear it for certain, you can listen to the KPRI 102.1 (San Diego) 5:01pm (PT) Blues Break at http://www.authenticrock.com (you'll need to register to listen)
  • Thursday, Oct. 27th a separate track from '¡Bastardos!' (likely "She and I") will be featured on the House of Blues Radio Hour Blues Break.
  • In the coming weeks, an extended interview with John and Chan plus a feature segment about '¡Bastardos!' will take place on the HOB Radio Hour program. Check participating stations' schedules for your station's airtime information. Again, that listing is at http://www.hob.com/aboutHOB/businesses/radioHour/

All this is GREAT news because it continues to expose much of America to the diversity of Blues Traveler's latest album. Where you can greatly aid the band is by sharing follow-up calls to your favorite local station requesting "Amber Awaits." Your energy will help make a difference. When calling, please remember to be respectful, call no more than once a day, and only call your local radio station (unless you honestly listen online to another station's stream--and tell them if you do). The stations have caller ID and will know if you aren't local--which could actually hurt the chances of BT being played. BluesTraveler.com will soon have a listing of stations across America that are playing the new music with contact information.

The upcoming tour run of Blues Traveler with Carbon Leaf should be great. Check out both bands' websites on MySpace:



and add yourself as a friend and leave comments about the new music.

In other Welk Music Group news, we're thrilled that 'LACKAWANNA BLUES' won 2 Emmy awards--you can check out that soundtrack for some marvelous blues and jump blues music. You may also want to check out CARBON LEAF's album 'Indian Summer' to get you ready for the upcoming shows. Also, the new HOOTIE & THE BLOWFISH album 'Looking For Lucky' has been released. You may also want to check out NICKEL CREEK's 'Why Should the Fire Die?' and GREY DELISLE's 'Iron Flowers' from our sister label Sugar Hill. THANK YOU for your support of quality music!

Have Fun,
Gina Z & Ayappa