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November 10th, 2006
Gina sez... Fall tour update

A Letter from Gina

"She dances
And I can barely keep my seat
If I wait it's too late…
Then I rise"

Fellow Travelers,

Gearing up for another BT Fall Tour, I put on "Truth Be Told" to set the mood for myself and "The One" comes on, as I listen to this song I am inspired once again to write to you all.

First I want to thank all the Fellow Travelers who danced the night away all over the country with The John Popper Project featuring DJ Logic. Wow, what a journey for those who jumped on this ride. It was a great tour, although they seemed to bring the snow with them to a few places on this tour (Denver & I-90 Mtn Pass to Seattle) but all in all it was indeed a great ride!

"A traffic full of people all going home".... as John and Tad head home from Popper Project, to begin Blues Traveler Fall Tour, I realized how lucky we all are, the BT guys to be doing a Fall Tour and us as fans getting to share live music together. From small bar bands to National Tours, live music exists because you guys come to the shows and give all your love and energy to the bands.

I know I sound like a broken record here... Maybe it is the fall, all the colors and the changes in the trees today. It is making me think back to the day I walked into the Nightingale Bar and fell in love with a band called...Blues Traveler. From that first note, I knew that they were "The One" and for me I knew the ride had begun and oh boy what a ride it has been.

I think it is important to remember that first note, you know "The One" that speaks to you from the moment you hear it, it changes you from then on and once that ride has begun, it is always that first note of that live show as the lights go down that makes you appreciate live music and the place it lives within your soul.

So thank you Fellow Travelers for riding with Blues Traveler over the years. I think about the friendships that have been made between all of us. The memories are fond and the faces we see each night in each city so bright and&...

"As for me I'm happy being right here as long as you're there"...

Blues Traveler begins a new; let's call it experiment for this Fall Tour. As you see we are doing some "Theater Shows" and just because some of these theaters have seats this does not mean you have to sit all night, if you feel like dancing please... "rise"..!! Blues Traveler, Fellow Travelers, Live Music, ah yes now those are some nice fall colors.

In January the guys will begin to write for a new CD- not sure when it will be recorded but they wanted to get together and hole up somewhere and just write. More news about this will be forthcoming. As well as we are working on some video clips we have taken from the road over the years and will be posting these on the internet for all to see... some editing is taking place to protect the innocent and their Moms. More news about this soon.

"If you're the one, then it's begun"

Well my Fellow Travelers, I look forward to dancing with you all as the first note is played and the lights go down.

Have Fun !!!