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January 30th, 2007
Gina sez... 20 years of Blues Traveler

Blues Traveler - Newsletter
A Letter from Gina

Fellow Travelers,

As 2007 begins and as a fellow traveler pointed out to me recently, (thanks SoCalBluesTrvlr) 20 years of existence of our beloved "Blues Traveler" !!

"And there's an answer when you pray
The way of things, there is a way
There is a way
The way of things, there is a way..."

As usual I put on Blues Traveler for some inspiration to begin this email to you all. "The Way" came on and it got me thinking about the rich musical history we have all built together over the years with this band. All of us have our own stories and our own attachments to this band and I truly think we are blessed to be talking about this band's music as they head into their 20th year. The band began the year talking about what they wanted to achieve in 2007 and their 20th year together and realized one thing is still missing that Blues Traveler has NEVER done - An Acoustic Record! The guys begin a "writing session" for 6 weeks and while they are writing for a new studio record (release date TBA) they will also record the long awaited "Best of Blues Traveler acoustic CD". This is something I know a lot you have wanted them to do for many years, myself included. Since it is the 20th year of this amazing band picking songs from their vast catalog is overwhelming so we thought it would be really fun and pretty cool to get you all involved in this process along with us!! So here is what you need to do. Email me your "Top 5 Best of Blues Traveler song picks" they must be Blues Traveler songs not covers and I will get them to the band. Make the subject line - "BT acoustic top 5" to my email address - blackcatz@earthlink.net. The sooner you get them to me, the sooner I can get them to the guys so email me right away!

"You know there's so much else to say
The infinite eternal chase
The quenching of the thirst"

Recently we have posted a few web clips on www.myspace.com/bluestraveler and www.bluestraveler.com. If you have not checked these web clips out yet I urge you to do so. Funny stuff for you to view during your down time. Don't forget to check in over at www.bluestraveler.net the wonderful fan site too, (Thanks Dave) you can always find something special over there. Tour dates for Blues Traveler as well as John Popper Project featuring DJ Logic will be posted on the websites and the myspace page very soon. We are working on all of this and hope to have a bunch of tour dates soon…so not to worry the guys will be out touring most of the year.

"A million ways to hear its voice
And in the end you've got no choice
You will finally feel aware
That you're a part of everywhere"

I feel that I must once again thank you all for sticking with this band over the years…old and new Fellow Travelers alike. As we begin this 20th year together with Blues Traveler, I am overjoyed at the thought of what 2007 will bring for us all and hope it brings good health, happiness, BT music and dreams fulfilled.

Have Fun !!!

Gina Z