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by Isaac Josephson
JamTV, National
Mar 1st, 1998

Although Blues Traveler is taking the next couple of months off, fans will be able to catch frontman John Popper jamming in the new Gatorade commercial.

Designed to coincide with this week's NBA All-Star game, the commercial features Michael Jordon, along with other prominent athletes and sportscasters singing the "Be Like Mike" song with Popper accompanying them on harp.

"We knew we wanted to include a musician in the spot, and John Popper's sound is so distinct that we immediately thought of him," Gatorade spokesperson Patty Jo Sinopoli told JAMTV. "It didn't take much convincing on either end, since it turns out that John is a huge Bulls fan. He even relates himself and members of his band to members of the Bulls." Sinopoli could not say whether or not Popper thought of himself as Jordan.

Blues Traveler management says the band will begin writing and rehearsing again in April and will play their next shows July 3 and 4 at Red Rocks in Colorado.