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John Popper on H.O.R.D.E.'s Future
by Gary Graff
Wall of Sound, National
Aug 2nd, 1999

For the record, Blues Traveler frontman John Popper says the HORDE tour is history...perhaps forever.

"I think the radio festival has really kicked the ass of the festival tour, because local radio can buy the bands with air time," says Popper, who's recovering from heart surgery and gearing up for the Sept. 7 release of his first solo album, Zygote. "And, you know, that's kind of the way it should be. If you're dragging this name around for eight years, after awhile people have seen it. And what is it that you're bringing that's unique? I'm thinking of the ones that have gone out in the '90s... Lollapalooza, Lilith. After awhile, everybody's sail starts to go down because the idea is old."

Popper says he's still proud of what Blues Traveler accomplished with H.O.R.D.E. "It became this really nice little movement of like-minded musicians," he says, not necessarily writing it off in the future. But, "a lot of things would have to happen. But I'm never going to say I'll never do anything, except prison sex... and even then, it depends what your options are."

Popper is hardly looking for work, though. Following the release of Zygote, he'll tour from September to November with his solo band, then work on the next Blues Traveler album during November in New Orleans before returning to the solo tour in December. Blues Traveler is slated to record from January to March in San Francisco, and then Popper will do three more months on his own before taking Blues Traveler out on the road.

"I'm excited about it," he says. "I'd love to achieve some kind of success on two records in a row. It's a realistic goal. I feel as motivated as I've ever been to achieve that particular goal."