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The New Yorker, New York, NY
Dec 28th, 1992

Spin Doctors - This hard-rocking outfit represents the unfashionably sincere wing of the neo-hippie movement in pop music. But if you close your eyes, they're a lot cooler than you think they are, even if they don't come from Seattle. Their funk-rock is tough-minded and lyrical, and their Aquarian trappings are not retro - these guys are true believers. (Beacon Theatre, Broadway at 74th St. 496-7070. Dec. 29-31 at 8.)

Blues Traveler - Here's an expansive quartet of local boys who have graduated from the Wetlands club and may soon escape being pegged as a junior edition of the Grateful Dead. If you'd like an opportunity for a year-end dance marathon with a sweaty, tie-dyed horde, this Dionysian concert is your best bet. (Paramount, Madison Square Garden. 465-6000. Dec. 31 at 9.)