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FM, Toronto's "Rock Report"
Q107, Toronto, ONT
Apr 20th, 1993

John Popper [JP]: Chan, who the hell's the kid on the cover of our record?
Chan Kinchla [CK]: Well, we wanted a kid. And they picked one out and worked it. And we just looked at a video and the kid's actually in the video.
JP: Wait...just 'cuz you wanted a kid, we get to put that on the cover?
CK: I said "we"; I said "we."
JP: Well, you and Bob, obviously...
Vendetta [V]: [interjecting jokingly] You guys don't mind if I leave, do you?
JP: You and Bob wanna have a kid, that's great.
V: I've got a gig to go to, guys.
Interview Guy [IG]: Go, it's fine.
JP: If you and Bob want to have a kid, that's fine, but it doesn't mean you have to start bringing our record into it. [laughter]
V: So you and Bob had a kid.
JP: Yeah.
V: So you don't know who the kid is, in other words.
CK: It's a picture that was a model that was chosen. We had decided on the concept, and the art director we were working with found this kid and showed us a bunch of pictures and it seemed to have the look we were after.
IG: The kid's got a great face.
JP: You wanna hear a true story? This is a very true story.
IG: Something a little different.
JP: Sure. [laughter]
IG: The whole motorcycle thing is just...
JP: Well, the motorcycle thing, basically, you know, I mean, we've just told that story so many times, you just get tired of it.
IG: Well, I know, there's a lot of sympathy in...
JP: Well, no, I don't want...I don't want your...
IG: Sympathy CD purchase...
JP: Hey, [deep accented voice] I don't need your pity, I don't need your sympathy. But with the kid on the thing, uh, he needs sympathy because he wasn't getting the sad face quite right, and so...
IG: Oh, come on...you're not gonna tell me there was like...
JP: This is the...the Mom was...
CK: We had absolutely nothing to do with this.
JP: Yeah, we weren't there; his Mom walked up to him, said "You're ruining the whole shoot; you're gonna take the bus home!" And he started crying and they filmed it. [laughter]
V: Very compassionate.
JP: Gonna have a couple years of therapy, that kid.
IG: Lovely.
V: Compassionate art director.
CK: Sometimes, art hurts, you know...sometimes you have to dig deep...
JP: Art is pain.
IG: Art Garfunkel.
V: This show is pain.