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transcription by Alex Miller
Modern Rock Live radio show, National
May 8th, 1995

Yo, just listened to the BT show on the radio - it was BT on Modern Rock Live, which is an interview/call-in/live show. It was pretty cool - 45 min. - they did Run-Around from 4, and also Hook, Price to Pay, Mts. Win Again, and Butt Squank (their words, not mine). Good versions, especially Mts. Win Again, which gets better every time I hear it. So, they did all this stuff acoustic and sans drums :( so it was very John biased, but still quite good. There were a couple of good interview questions (how the hell is every line matching up here???) - namely about HORDE and selling out. Here is a brief PARAPHRASE of the interview - I'm procrastinating from studying, but not enough to type it all in. I, of course, have no permission or right to do this. All errors are my fault. The Q# things are call-in questions. I left a lot of stuff out, so do not take this as a complete transcription.

[Played studio Run-Around]

Q1: When did you get your 1st harmonica?
John: I got it in 8th grade, for my birthday and learned to play Oh Susanna on it the first day and it was my bestest buddy after that.
Interview Guy: Do you still have it?
John: No. Actually, I lost it in Greece. I was looking at a model of the Acropolis and these Greek boys were throwing stones at me, so I forgot it. I was sort of offering it to Zeus, I suppose.

Q2: In the video for Run-Around what was the purpose of the band being behind the curtain?
John: Well, the whole thing was that we figured we aren't attractive enough to make 9 year olds go out and the buy the records, which is what you have to do to be on MTV. We found that in the past we would make a video and it would never get played.

[They played Hook and Price to Pay]

IG: You guys want to introduce yourselves?
John: This is John Popper playing bass.
Bob: This is Bob Sheehan playing harmonica.
Brendan: This is Brendan Hill playing guitar.
Chan: This is Chandler Kinchla on the drums.
IG: Was the HORDE tour kind of your design?
??: The first tour was up in the northeast with a bunch of friends of ours doing the same circuit.
JP: Teaming up to fill a shed, so to speak.
JP: It's looking like a good package this year...we've got the Black Crowes, Ziggy Marley, a couple of shows with Sheryl, Dave Matthews is going to do a couple, Dionne Farris is doing a couple, Taj Mahal. On second stage, Jono Manson, Soulhat, Fiji Mariners, local guys, etc.
IG: That's tentatively supposed to start on Aug. 4th in Indianapolis.
JP: Definitely at this point. It's confirmed.

Q3: Bands like Hootie and Dave Matthews Band have the same kind of sound as you guys and I wonder if you think you influenced them?
JP: Well, I played on their record. [sounds kind of offended] On What Would You Say.
??: Well we all kind of influence each other. DMB influenced us too.
Brendan: Great drummer.
??: Carter is a bad ass.
JP: We've never really played with Hootie, but they come out of that type of scene in the South.
??: It's a great scene down there.

Q4: When people go to shows, what kind of message do you want them to leave with?
??: A heartfelt good time.
??: People come down to participate and have a good time at our shows.
JP: Sometimes there's people who want to just listen to the music and sometimes there's people who want to slam dance. It really sucks when a slam dancer hurts somebody, like crushes a little girl to get a harp. There's really nothing for us to do about that. The message from us is really to have a good time and enjoy yourself and we'd like to take as many people as possible.

Q5: When did you first realize you wanted to be musicians?
JP: When I heard Hendrix play "Voodoo Chile". I was really baked at the time.
CK: My parents gave me a guitar and I just never put it down.
BS: Just when I was hanging out with my little brother, playing bass.
BH: To get my aggression out, mostly.

[Played Mts. Win Again - damn good]

IG: Gonna do another one?
JP: Yeah sure, this is a song that we never ever get tired of playing. There was this time, once, in a gymnasium when I was thinking about getting tired of it, but it went away.
??: Affectionately known as Butthead
JP: Or Butt Head or Butt Squank or But Anyway.

[Played But Anyway]

Q6: My heart is beating like a lot. Do you think you've hit the peak of your popularity or does you still wish to reach an even broader spectrum of fans?
JP: Well, see I was kidding before about selling out (I hope I was kidding) and this is how it seems to us: if you're rich, you're a sell out, if you're poor, you're a cult underground hero. Basically, we just want to keep playing shows. We want to play well and the whole fame thing is just crap, it's just really silly.
??: At the same time, hearing our songs on the radio and having more people hear them is also what they want. So, it's a catch-22.
??: It's fun, we have such a good time with the fans we have now. We think about what it would be like to have 20,000 people or 40,000 people.
JP: It's really cool to get new people to hear your music.
??: Of course, we could go to Europe and play for 10.
JP: We just want the music to be good. Something Bill Graham says: "the job is to express yourself and make a living". And we'll keep doing it as long as we can.

Note the way they touched on every thread on the bt net lately, (except of course, 2-for-1 offers). Namely, the video, their appearance :), HORDE this year, playing on DMB's song, moshing, and selling out.

Hope this was cool.

Later all,
Alex Miller