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Blues Traveler
by Sarah Greenwood
BMI, National
Dec 1st, 1996

Evoking images of roving pirates and vagabond thieves, Blues Traveler recently emerged on the pop scene with the top 10 single "Run-Around". A sweet, catchy tune about a runaway love, "Run-Around" has taken Blues Traveler from cult status to mega-band with a hit single and video. Success has not come easy for the group; rather, it has come as a result of hard work.

The Princeton, NJ-bred quartet started out seven years ago simply known as the "Blues Band." Vocalist and harmonica player John Popper, drummer Brendon Hill, bassist Bobby Sheehan, and guitarist Chan Kinchla played every night they could in New York City clubs when they moved there shortly after high school. Gaining fans and record company attention, they soon had a contract with A&M and hit the road at a furious pace, armed with their eponymous release. Their signature free-form jams and high-energy live shows helped them build a strong fan base among mostly college-age music lovers.

Blues Traveler had their first taste of success after Popper helped found what is known as the H.O.R.D.E. tour in 1992. Called the "alternative to the alternative" - referring to Lollapalooza - H.O.R.D.E. had its best year in 1995.

With the release of their fourth album for A&M, appropriately titled four, Blues Traveler was soon to become a multi-platinum selling band. "Run-Around" has enabled them to break into the pop mainstream. Blues Traveler is all about musicianship, energy and passion. With Popper's consistent songwriting and the band's continued growth as serious musicians, expect to hear and see much more of them.