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05-04-1997BT kicks off 1997; European Tour Dates announced

Lots of news in the Traveler land. First of all the European tour dates have been announced. In short, there are 1/2 club dates and 1/2 festival dates. The club dates could change. You can view the Euro Dates on the Tour Dates Page. Other tour changes include a venue change for today's Puerto Rico show - it is now Luis Munoz Marin Amphitheater, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

If you wish to go see the Euro Tour, Gina, with a little help from a tour agent has set up several packages that you can buy . This is a remarkable offer from Blues Traveler - they want you to come to Europe to see them play!

Blues Traveler kicked off its first 1997 shows in New Orleans and Memphis. Check out the Review From The Road section of the site for the setlists and reviews.