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09-12-1997John Popper plays solo set

Last night John Popper, in a surprise appearance at The Sidewalk Cafe in New York City, performed a solo acoustic set. This is the first one since June 1993. The setting was very intimate, and the songs played were: (courtesy of Rick Duro):

        Sweet Pain
        When Johnny Comes Marching Home
        100 Years
        Growing in the Dirt* (1st verse)
        4th of July
        Growing in the Dirt*(2nd verse)
        The Way**
        a blues standard -- some sort or some Impromptu Blues>***
        Sweet Home Chicago***
        She Caught the Katy***
        Battle of Someone***

        *-New tune
        **w/ Eric Schenkman on guitar
        *** w/ Eric Schenkman on guitar and Popper on Harp

Some of the people spotted in the seats were Chris Barron, Eric Schenkman (in the opposite corners of the room), and rumor has it, that Aaron Comess was not let in the door because the place at the time was already full.