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10-01-1997Bobby Sheehan arrested for cocaine possession

On Monday, September 29th Bobby Sheehan, the bassist for Blues Traveler, was arrested in Winnipeg Airport for possession of small amount of cocaine. The Winnipeg City Police claims the "small amount" is roughly 2 grams. Bobby is currently free on a $6000 bond. He is scheduled to appear in court on October 22nd. Here is a brief statement from Gina Z:

From:    Gina
Sent:    Wednesday, October 01, 1997 9:09 AM
Subject: update arrest


So here is the latest news regarding the arrest. It was Bobby. He is
okay. He was arrested at the airport in Winnipeg for possesion of a
small amount of cocaine. He was released on $6000.00 bond and will have
to appear in court on October 22nd. The remaining Stones tour and BT
fall tour will not be affected.

Although the 22nd is a show day we are at the moment going on with plans
for that show. We are sure it will not be affected.
MTV news is running the story with inacurate info. He will not be facing
a life sentence. Don't know if you saw that or not.
Anyway, pass this on for me let everyone know that he is okay.



In unrelated display of artistic inspiration here is BobSheehan's Lament by Josh Himmelsbach (copied w/o permission).
(think Canadian Rose):

Well they called me an ugly american
And I witnessed their Canadian power
And I dont think that Ill ever go there again
They found my powder

And they called me a stupid american
But I almost got past the patrols
Just one little mistake up in Winnipeg
I was hiding blow