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03-12-1998Stolen Ogre debut gig upcoming

Those of you who live out on the left coast, here is the information about Stolen Ogre as well as the upcoming gig in Seattle:

For Immediate Release:
Contact: Barbara Leischner @ 206 784 7213
e-mail: barbaloo@aol.com

New Blues Traveler Side Project to Perform in Seattle

Date: Tuesday, March 17, 1998
Time: 8:30pm
Venue: Ruperts in Pioneer Square 309 1st Ave. (TTA: ART/MUSIC Concert stage)
Ticket Info: Tickets $5.00 available at door

Brendan Hill, drummer for the Grammy Award winning Blues Traveler and Northwest Musicians will perform their debut show in Seattle. The new group called "Stolen Ogre" is scheduled to appear, Tuesday Night, March 17th, Downstairs at Ruperts in the Pioneer Square District.

"Stolen Ogre" is a collaboration that began when Brendan Hill and Northwest musician and keyboardist Michael McMorrow met on the 1996 HORDE tour. Blues Traveler was headlining HORDE and Michael was playing keyboards for Taj Mahal.They decided to put together a group of musicians with similar interests in Blues based, rock, funk groove music shortly after Brendan moved to Seattle.

The band also includes Pamela Tobiason, vocals (KISW Twisted Tunes); David Simpson, Guitar (Yarddogs, & Thirstin Howl); Scott Adams, Sax (Ann Wilson of Heart, Jerry Cantrell of Alice & Chains & Guns and Roses);and Steve Manning, Bass.

The Stolen Ogre show is part of the TTA concert series.