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07-08-1998Blues Traveler Rocks the House at Red Rocks

Anyone who was skeptical of Blues Traveler's live shows was effectively silenced by two phenomenal performances at Red Rocks. In shows featuring the debut of 7 new songs, the return of three rare gems, and an overall outstanding effort, BT showed that they can still tear it up on stage. Before a full house on the fourth of July, the band brought back classic tunes Shotgun Shell, All in the Groove, and Traveler's Suite, none of which had been played in over 18 months. For greater detail, see the Setlist Database. The previous night's highlights were a 21 minute Mountain Cry with Warren Haynes, Motherfunker encore, and a new and improved Gloria.

The seven new songs led to greater speculation about the forthcoming album. Popper's thoughts of an album without harmonica appear to be on the road to reality. Of the new tunes, only The Path had a harp part, one which can easily be taken out, and the twenty-minute Traveler's Suite also saw the harmonica axed. The next Blues Traveler release should be in July of 1999.