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09-09-1998Popper Invents a New Instrument?

From the newsgroup:

I read in the latest issue of HARMONICA PLAYER fanzine that Big John Popper is going to unveil a new instrument that he developed with Les Paul called the 'guitar-monica'. It is a circular guitar-like instrument with fifteen strings, which is worn like a belt around the waist. The strings are each hooked to electronic receptors at either side of the belt.

A hose not unlike a chromonica's runs off of it and is hooked to an oversized harmonica - something like the Hoehner 270 Chromonica but with a chromatic switch on BOTH ENDS.

When the harmonica is played, it makes a sound like a normal harmonica, but then the notes are doubled on the belt by a guitar sound.

Supposedly is sounds pretty f'in wicked, and will give Popper a chance to indulge all of his Hendrix fantasies.