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10-14-1998I Have My Moments Played for First Time in 7 Years

At last night's show at Clarion University's Tippin Gym, Blues Traveler performed the song I Have My Moments as the encore. The song had not been played since June 13, 1991, and it was said that the band would never play it again. However, sources close to the band reportedly said that if chants were loud enough, the song would return.

Several netters were at the Clarion show, which unfortunately was not recorded by any tapers. Chandler Kinchla had said the night before, at Muhlenberg College, that the song might be played during the acoustic set. The evening's setlist originally featured the song in the acoustic set, but it was scratched prior to the show, and moved down. The band did not play it as written, and instead surprised everyone with the encore.

The reason for the hiatus was that the song is very difficult for John Popper to sing, and after performing, he reportedly compared singing the song to "swallowing a cheese grater." A repeat performance is not expected.