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02-07-1999Stolen Ogre to Play St. Patrick's Day Gig in Seattle

BT drummer Brendan Hill's second band, Stolen Ogre, who has been featured on the 1998 HORDE tour as well as in various headlining gigs, recently announced a plan for their second annual St. Patrick's Day concert.
This year's show will take place at The Crocodile in Seattle. The band is hoping to provide live streaming audio of the show for those who are unable to make it.

Stolen Ogre is a collaboration that began when Brendan Hill and Michael McMorrow met during the the 1996 H.O.R.D.E. Festival. They decided to put together a group of musicians with similar interests in blues based, rock, funk groove music in 1997. David Simpson, a prized guitarist, Pamela Tobiason (vocalist/songwriter), and saxophonist Scott Adams all add a distinct quality to the sound of the band. More information about the band, the upcoming show, and audio clips, can be found at www.stolenogre.com.