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04-07-1999Popper Joined in Studio by Beauford, Riccio

(reprinted without permission from AllStar News)

Blues Traveler's John Popper has entered a New Jersey recording studio to begin working on his first solo album, according to a spokesperson for the singer at Interscope/Geffen/A&M Records.

The harmonica-wielding frontman will be joined on the album by Carter Beauford, drummer for the Dave Matthews Band, and longtime friend Crugie Riccio. The sessions will be produced by Terry Manning (Joe Walsh, George Thorogood). A&M Records is eyeing a late 1999 release for the record, and Popper will tour on his own shortly thereafter.

Popper's solo venture, however, does not signal the end of Blues Traveler. The singer is merely using the album as a vehicle to explore some new musical horizons with some non-Blues Traveler members for the first time in his career. Popper plans on returning to the studio with Blues Traveler sometime next year. The band's only public appearance on the schedule for 1999 is their annual Red Rocks fiasco, on tap this year for July 3-4.