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04-08-1999More Popper Film News

From www.allmusic.com...

Not only is John Popper going on his own musically, he's also explored his role on the silver screen. The frontman for Blues Traveler was recently in Hellertown, Pennsylvania to shoot his part for the upcoming film For the Time Being. Popper plays "Frankie," who is the best friend of the male lead "Billy," who is played by actor Patrick O'Neal. Popper has appeared in three other films, Private Parts, Blues Brothers 2000, and Kingpin. Popper said of the experience, "The other appearances I've made in films have all been one-liners where I get to stand there all day eating donuts, having coffee and smoking cigarettes. This was the first time that I actually was required to memorize lines and act for a sustained period of time. It felt really strange, but I think I did a good job, and the cool part was they let me smoke cigarettes while I was acting. I primarily worked with Patrick O'Neal and he made it a lot easier for me. He's brilliant."