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07-31-1999Zygote track listing

BluesTraveler.Net has managed to obtain the track listing for John Popper's new CD, Zygote, which hits stores on September 7th.
1) Miserable Bastard
2) Once You Wake Up
3) Growing in Dirt
4) Tip the Domino
5) His Own Ideas
6) Home
7) Love for Free
8) How About Now
9) Evil in My Chair
10) Lunatic
11) Open Letter
12) Fledgling
The single Miserable Bastard has already hit the air waves around the country, and casual fans may recognize Fledgling as the last track on the band's third album Save His Soul. Collectors and die-hard fans may also recognize Growing in Dirt, a song performed by John in a 1997 solo show. The sixth track, Home, is also supposedly a version of the rare BT tune Welcome Home, played but a few times in 1996.