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10-04-1999Blues Traveler to audition bassists, possibly add keys

In a recent interview with an online news magazine, John Popper revealed that the band plans to audition three bassists to fill Bob Sheehan's place on the right side of the stage. While Popper did not mention the dates or locations of these shows to the newsmagazine, another radio interview did mention the locations; the gigs themselves will happen sometime in November. These are private shows and tickets may not be sold. Please do not contact the band or management to ask for information. The shows will take place in Seattle, WA, Chicago, IL and New York, NY.

Popper also mentioned that the band may consider adding a keyboard player to the lineup come January, no doubt spurred on at least in part by Rob Clores' success with recording Zygote and playing in the John Popper Band. Whether this applies solely to the recording of their new album [tentatively slated for recording in January and for release in November] or for their next tour remains to be seen. Candidates for bass and keyboards have yet to be determined.

There have also been rumors to the effect that John will be playing Reno with his band for New Year's Eve. No official plans have been announced as of yet for these dates.