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10-19-1999New sections now open!

It is our distinct honor to offer you two completely renovated sections here on BluesTraveler.Net. We have been hard at work for the last several months on improving on the discography and the lyrics sections, and at long last, this hard work has paid off!

The new, completely renovated Discography has been added to, expanded, divided and categorized. We have attempted to collect cover scans and track listings of all of the various recordings on which members of Blues Traveler play, either by themselves, or as a band.

By the same token, we also present to you the Song Source. This area not only assembles the lyrics to every known song written by Blues Traveler [and some unknown!] but also offers what we hope is an entertaining array of trivia and other details relating to any song you might imagine, ranging from lyrics to debut dates to alternate titles, to inspirations, and much, much more.

We hope that these sections will continue to expand as the months and years go by and hope also that you, the fans, will help us maintain this section by continuing to share generously in your knowledge. Thanks for all your support!

BluesTraveler.Net Staff