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11-02-1999Invitation-only bassist audition gigs to take place

BluesTraveler.Net has learned the dates, locations, and rumored identities of the private bassist-audition gigs previously rumored to be happening. The first will take place November 2nd at the Fenix in Seattle, WA, and will feature Steve Manning of Stolen Ogre, Brendan Hill's side project. The second will occur in Chicago on November 3rd at the Metro and will supposedly feature current Allman Brothers Band and former Aquarium Rescue Unit bassist Oteil Burbridge. The third and final audition of this run is slated for November 4th at Le Bar Bat in New York City, and is rumored to be with Dowdy Smack bassist Tad Kinchla, also known as Chan's brother.

These shows are by invitation only and are sponsored by Marlboro. In essence, selected people are sent invitation cards, to which they must affix 200 "Marlboro Miles" and bring to the venue in question. They don't know the identity of the band; they are just given a time and place.

At this time there are rumors of additional shows being scheduled but nothing is definite as of yet. Stay tuned for the latest information as it will be posted here when it comes out.