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11-09-1999New bassist to be announced very soon, says Popper

In a surprise visit to KBCO's "Studio C", John Popper announced today that the band would be announcing their choice for the replacement of former bassist Bob Sheehan as early as tomorrow. While playing a short set for the Denver-based radio station, Popper said that they are currently talking to the bassist in question and that they were planning on announcing it at their show at Boulder's Fox Theatre tomorrow night.

This announcement comes on the heels of a three-day run of unannounced auditions, which had been originally scheduled as secret "invitation-only" shows before the death of Bob Sheehan on August 20th. The band decided to use the unique opportunity to try out bassists Steve Manning, Oteil Burbridge and Tad Kinchla in the live concert atmosphere without the pressure of performing for a larger audience. Popper joked that he couldn't announce it right now because his drummer would "beat the crap out of me".

Early fan-based sentiment seems to be leaning towards Burbridge, who tried out for the slot during a 90-minute show at Chicago's Metro last Wednesday, though there is a show of support for Tad Kinchla, brother of guitarist Chan and bassist for the New York-based Dowdy Smack.