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11-10-1999Oteil Burbridge may not be in the running for position

From http://www.allmanbrothersband.com:

Subject: Rumors
Reply Posted by: Lana
Date Posted: Sun Nov 7 19:08:49 1999
Hey there, As I wrote in the Guest Book, Oteil's not going anywhere. He contracted to play with Blues Traveler in the Marlboro events a long time ago to help out his friends. But try outs? Maybe for Chan's brother and Brendan's buddy, but not Oteil. He's solid in the Allman Brothers Band. Our guess is Popper wants to inspire the others to notch it up. Take care and know that you are loved *k* Lana

While this would seem to rule out Oteil's nomination, stranger things have happened in the past. For those who don't know Lana, the best description would have to be that of "the Allman Brothers' 'Gina'".