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11-11-1999New Blues Traveler bassist announced

In the last appearance of his band's tour, rescheduled in order to accommodate visits to cardiac specialists, John Popper announced at his stop at Boulder, Colorado's Fox Theatre, that he and his Blues Traveler bandmates have selected none other than fellow family member Tad Kinchla to fill Bob Sheehan's spot at stage left. Special thanks to David Herrald and his emailing pager for sending the news as soon as it was announced!

After announcing in mid-September that the band would continue to tour and record, the remaining three members of Blues Traveler congregated in New York and later by phone to select those who wished to audition. While apparently passing over old and new friends alike [Spin Doctors' Mark White, John Popper Band/Cycomotogoat's Dave Ares among others], the band settled on a comfortable troika of bassists, each of whom had seen action alongside another member of the band. Steve Manning had played with Brendan Hill as early as the spring of 1997, at the inception of the band now known as Stolen Ogre. Oteil Burbridge had been a long-time friend of the band, from his early days on the H.O.R.D.E. Festival with Aquarium Rescue Unit to a more recent collaboration on the latest incarnation of the super-group Frogwings, which John was a part of. And while the days may be long forgotten of a young Tad and Chan Kinchla jamming in their Princeton home as teenagers, the bond of music was made early and has apparently carried through to this day.

We at BluesTraveler.Net wish Tad and Blues Traveler the best of luck in continuing to make the music of "four guys from Princeton" that we have enjoyed and chronicled over the last thirteen years. Congratulations, Tad and BT - we'll see you when the lights go down again.