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11-22-1999More new sections now open!

News Archive. This section now includes all announcements posted to both Misha Rutman's site and groovin@the.show as well as all older news announced here on BluesTraveler.Net. Browse through the pages of history and read messages from Gina and Dave Swanson, discover the circumstances surrounding John's arrest in 1995, or see tales of the 1997 European Tour. All new, and only in the News Archive!

Our second section is completely new, and is called The Guest List. It is designed as an adjunct to the Setlist Archive and is an archive of guest appearance by members of Blues Traveler with other bands. The H.O.R.D.E. Festival has afforded the band many opportunities for live collaboration, but some members get around more than others - inside you'll find guest appearances with Weir & Wasserman, Taj Mahal, Dave Matthews Band, Pete Townshend and Arnie Lawrence's daughter's jazz band - all in less than a month's time! We hope that you will continue to enjoy and expand all our new sections - thank you all for your support!