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12-03-1999Frogwings album reportedly coming soon

According to messages posted at several bulletin boards, we may finally see the long-awaited Frogwings album next month. The album, which was mentioned both at the limited run of shows this past February as well as in John's last Gigs at a Glance letter, will reportedly be a live disc consisting of tracks culled from the run of shows, whose setlists can be viewed here. John jokingly mentioned the album's title as being Hot Buttered Balls of Christ but the real title will be posted as the release date comes closer.

Also, musictoday.com is hosting a contest featuring BluesTraveler.Net where fans can win signed harmonicas and autographed copies of Zygote. Simply click on the link above and go to the "Interact" section near the bottom. The answer to the question can be found somewhere on this site - happy hunting!

Finally, there is also a John Popper harmonica up for bid on VH1.com; proceeds go to Save The Music Foundation, which the band has supported for quite some time now.