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12-04-1999John Popper television appearances upcoming

An advertisement run during last night's episode of "The List" on VH-1 showed John Popper as being a guest in this week's run of shows. At present it is unknown which show(s) he will appear in, but information will be posted here when it comes out.

Popper is also slated to appear on MTV's LoveLine on December 15th. This is believed to be the first time he has appeared on the MTV show, though he has been in the studio at least twice for the radio version of LoveLine. He will also appear, as previously reported, on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher on December 30th.

To supplement his new information, we have updated and published our Television Timeline to reflect both these and many past appearances that Blues Traveler has made on TV. Poke around and you'll find that they've been on Letterman over 20 times since 1991, and also appeared on Leno, Conan and the Dennis Miller show - remember that? Find out about John jamming with Eric Clapton, Dan Aykroyd, John Goodman and Dolly Parton. Not all at once, though. Only in the Television Timeline.