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01-01-2000John Popper Band finishes 1999; Blues Traveler to take keyboardist in studio

At Reno's Hilton Hotel, the John Popper Band played a two-set show to close out 1999 and end one of the more tragic years of Blues Traveler history. At the stroke of midnight, Popper hoisted a bottle of champagne, saying "I've been meaning to do this for years - 'To Bill Graham...and to Bobby'." The band then played their second set to some 6-700 faithful fans who turned out for the show despite the cancellation of Blues Traveler's original two-show run and worries about difficulties brought on by Y2K.

Among other news surfacing at this show was news about the band's future. According to Popper, the band will be heading south to Texas to record their next album, which is rumored to be mostly new material, though some sources indicate that some music may be used from what was supposed to be the band's concept album. Joining them in the studio will be an unnamed keyboard player, who may join them on their next tour, though there is no confirmation of this.