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01-24-2000John Popper on VH1 Storytellers webcast and roundtable discussion

While at the Sundance Film Festival this week, John Popper will appear at a roundtable discussion and offer up some tales from the road on the VH1 feature "Storytellers". This event will be webcast live on VH1.com this Thursday, January 27th. From VH1.com:

On January 27 VH1.com presents the first-ever, Webcast-only live Storytellers from the Sundance Film Festival! In honor of the fest, this multi-artist performance features musicians whose work has impacted both music and film. In another Storytellers first, online users are invited to email questions to the artists. The queries will be addressed between songs - this time you can ask about all the topics you're interested in! Film and music have always worked hand in hand. Who could imagine The Graduate without Simon and Garfunkel, or Pulp Fiction without Dick Dale's twanged-out guitar? Rock 'n' roll and cinema have been intertwined since Bill Haley rocked around the clock in Blackboard Jungle. Each year Sundance underscores that connection.

Aimee Mann's powerful songs not only make up the soundtrack, but inspired much of the narrative to Paul Thomas Anderson's "Magnolia." Lisa Loeb rose from the college coffeehouse circuit to superstardom on the crest of the love song "Stay," a cornerstone of the Gen-X classic "Reality Bites." Blues Traveler's frontman John Popper put down his harmonica and narrated a film featured at this year's Sundance, in addition to recording the soundtrack for the hilarious sleeper "Kingpin." Dwight Yoakam has done his share of acting as well. His performance in "Slingblade" contained a twang and grit equal to his very hot country songs.