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03-02-2000Stolen Ogre album coming soon; keyboardist to tour with band; Blues Traveler to appear on Phish tribute album

In a recent email from Stolen Ogre, the band tells us that they are close to releasing their debut album, recorded, mixed and mastered over the past few months. The Brendan Hill side project will make an appearance at Seattle's Rain Dancer on Friday, April 7th to celebrate the event. The show will begin at 9pm with Third World County opening; the gig is 21+ only and costs $8 at the door, day of show only. The band suggests you show up early because at a capacity of 325, the venue will fill rapidly.

A recent email to BluesTraveler.Net reveals that recently-hired keyboard player Ben Wilson will be touring with the band as well. Dave Morris, the band's harmonica player, wrote, in part:

I saw some where on your site that there was some question about whether he would tour with them, but I can attest that he's made a committment to be on board for everything having to do with the next disc, both recording and touring.

In the final bit of news, it was reported by MTV.com that Blues Traveler will be featured in one of a reported 14 tracks on an untitled album currently in development by the Mockingbird Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by a group of Phish fans to compile a new book about the band entitled "The Mockingbird Project". The album is expected to come out this fall, perhaps as a companion to the book, but details are scarce by design. Ellis Godard, the album's producer, indicates that the album's contributors are those who "have performed with the band onstage, and those who have been influenced by their music."