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05-13-2000BT plays first gig of 2000; reduced fee tickets available for certain "Run to Red Rocks" gigs

It has been reported that Blues Traveler made their official debut as a 5 piece earlier this week in New Orleans for a private CNN party. Details have been few, however it looks like a new song has been debuted. More information will be posted in the coming days. In the mean time, check out the setlist in our Setlist Archive.

If you haven't already purchased your tickets for the Chicago, St. Louis, Lawrence or Red Rocks shows, now is the time to do so! MusicToday.com, in a joint venture with the band, is offering tickets for face value plus a $4.50 fee. The average fee through TicketMaster is much higher, so please use the opportunity to purchase your tickets with the reduced fee. Each show has an allotment of 50 tickets, so buy your tickets now!