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06-05-2000New song confirmed as a debut; Another contest announced; Jammy award nominations include Frogwings

The song labeled "Demon" on the May 9th New Orleans CNN show has been confirmed as one of the tunes recorded during the band's rehearsal sessions in Austin earlier this year. Although rumors circulated briefly that it might be the return of a song known as "Monster", sources indicate that it is indeed brand-new.

Musictoday.com has once again come through for Blues Traveler fans; they recently announced a Blues Traveler backstage contest. The winner gets a backstage tour at one of five stops on the Run to Red Rocks tour, including the stage, tour bus, equipment, etc. Runners-up will receive a laminate from last year's Red Rocks shows, a true collector's item from the gigs that never were.

Finally, the Jammy awards have been announced at jambands.com, and Frogwings has been nominated for an award. Under the category of "Best Live Set", Frogwings is in the running for their second set at Toad's Place in New Haven, CT on February 12th, 1999. You can go here to vote through June 12th. The winners will be announced on July 22nd at New York's Irving Plaza; no word on who the attendees will be but a jam of some sort is expected. In other Frogwings news, they now have a site separate from their label; the band's site [still under construction] can be seen at www.frogwings.com while the label's site continues to be at flyingfrogrecords.com.