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08-24-2000Tour dates slowly appearing, Stolen Ogre to officially record and webcast show

With the band out on the west coast jamming away in the studio, news items have been few and far between. The next thing fans can look forward to is the fall tour, whose dates appear to slowly but surely be popping up. Counter to what was originally rumored at Red Rocks - that of a tour of small theaters in college towns - two of the three dates so far have been festivals in the south. After the October 6th Bayfest date in Mobile, Alabama, the band will play the New Orleans Voodoo Music Festival, as previously reported. However, the newest date, at Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel, finds the band back in the intimately-sized venues. The Hotel holds 1400 according to its web site, and is sure to attract some of the fans who came to see John Popper play last December 31st.

Stolen Ogre's upcoming performance will start around 2:30 to 3pm Pacific time on Saturday. Taping is allowed although there will be no board feeds given this time. The band will be 24 track recording the performance for possible future release.

They may also be streaming the event live from their website, www.stolenogre.com. Check the site Saturday for webcasting instructions. The link for the webcast will be on www.stolenogre.com. At this point the audio and video webcast will be through the windows media player at a start time of 2pm west coast time. For those of you who are unable to catch the webcast, they may be archiving it for playback at another time.