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10-18-2000Just for the Time Being to come out in theaters soon

The movie featuring John's movie acting debut now has its own web site - go over to www.justforthetimebeing.com to read up on a synopsis of the film, see pictures from the premiere party as well as screen shots and other information about the cast and crew. Alert list member Chris Demko wrote to ask when the wide release of the film would be, prompting a response from the writer/director himself:

    "Get ready to see a fanastic performance by John Popper.  His role as
    "Frankie" brings a whole different area to his career.  The film opens in 
    Manhattan at the Regal Cinema's in Battery Park on Nov. 3rd.  Please 
    spread the word and go out and see John kick some ass as an ACTOR!!!!

    Be Well,

    Gil Brenton  Director/Writer

Brenton noted in a later email that the movie will be opening in "a number of theaters all over the country", and that the movie would eventually end up on video. According to the movie's web site and poster, the band also contributed music to the movie's soundtrack; whether this music is original composition or previously-written material remains to be seen.