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10-23-2000Track listing of new EP nearly complete; New album reported to be all new material

Thanks to a few in-show announcements by John Popper, the track listing of Blues Traveler's new EP, Decisions of the Sky - A Traveler's Tale of Sun and Storm would appear to be nearly complete now. Along with the previously-announced Intro/Traveler's Suite combination, John mentioned at Friday's Pittsburgh gig that The Path would be among those available for download, and it was also revealed at Saturday's show in Delaware that the previously-dormant By My 12 Swords, resurrected this past July, would be released as one of the four tracks. It is still unknown whether or not Traveler's Suite would be the fifth track on the five-track EP or if it would appear on the regular four-track available for download, and whether the assumption of Decision of the Skies is correct or not.

It was also mentioned over the weekend that the entire album would be new material, contrary to previous reports that the album would contain songs from what was to be the concept album. This would indicate that the upcoming EP will be all that remains of The Sun, the Storm and the Traveler. It is still unknown whether the new tune Rage will appear on one or the other.