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11-08-2000A Popper here and a Popper there

In between blowing the roofs off of venues up and down the eastern seaboard, the band has had a few days off to collect themselves and do other non-band related things. Black-cat list member Kyle Holbrook, attending the Voodoo Music Festival in New Orleans, happened upon a marathon gig by hometown favorite Galactic, and had the pleasure of seeing John Popper guest on not one, not two, but three songs over the course of the night. Popper joined the group for "1,2,3,4" at the beginning, and "Daktari" at the end of their late-night first set, and then came out to close the show hours later on the encore. From Kyle's posting:

During this song, the soloing got so out of control, that the keyboards broke. The whole set up broke down and [keyboard player Rich] Vogel could do nothing. I think he blew his direct box or maybe the whole head set up on his amplifier. It was sort of a funny/sad thing to look at the keys and see him sitting there looking around at all the other guys with an expression of total confusion/anxiety! Finally, [saxophonist Ben] Ellman signed him with the finger slicing across the neck..."is it dead?", Vogel signs back, "it's dead"! So they ended the jam.
JP jammed so hard he killed the keyboards!!!!

A setlist will be posted as soon as it becomes available in The Guest List.

After tonight's show at Philadelphia's TLA, the band will take a day off before heading up to Geneva, NY for a run of three gigs in the Empire State. Popper is scheduled to appear on the Howard Stern show tomorrow morning [Thursday]; this will likely be a late morning appearance judging by his previous visits to WXRK's studios, although no time has been announced as of yet.